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Human Algorithm (San Francisco) brings you highly qualified experts to speak about all forms of big data, technology and algorithms at this event. The presentations will be focused on topics concerning better methods and management of big data, business models and improving profitability. Each presenter will be both objective and neutral.

We are currently seeking speakers for this event. Only experts in algorithms, big data, social algorithms, new technology experts (ex software, mobile) and venture capital experts will be considered. Please click here if you are interested in speaking at this event.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Sharon Chiarella
Vice President
Human Intelligence in the Cloud
Cacheonix Systems Slava Imeshev
Founder and CEO
Scaling Java Applications with Clustered Caching
SocialMedia Research Foundation Marc Smith
Social Media Algorithms: Charting Collections of Connections and the Creaton of Maps and Measures
Alpine Data Labs Steven Hillion
Chief Product Officer
Leveraging Massively-Parallel Data Platforms for Predictive Analytics
Precog John A. De Goes
CEO, Founder
App Intelligence: The Next Frontier in the Data-Driven Revolution
Datameer Ulrich Rueckert
Data Scientist
Linear Learning Methods for Big Data
Zetta Set Jeffery Krone
Vice President of R&D
Proofing Hadoop Clusters with Automatic Service Failover
Crowd Coomputing Systems Max Yankelevich
Latest Methods of AI for Leveraging Crowdsourcing
NetApp Ingo Fuchs
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Big Data Storage
Moonshadow Mobile Bob Lee
Geospatial Visualization of Big Data

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